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If you have dense breasts you may be able to experience SoftVue™. A large SoftVue™ data collection program is occurring across the country, and it aims to enroll 10,000 women volunteers with dense breast tissues.

Eligible participants who meet the requirements will be asked to sign a consent form, and to undergo their standard 2D and 3D mammography screening, followed by the SoftVue™. The SoftVue™ exam will be performed at no cost to volunteers or their insurance. It is important that each participant return in 12 months for her next annual mammogram.

At program completion, each volunteer will be compensated for her time and effort, sponsored by Delphinus Medical Technologies, Inc., the developer and manufacturer of SoftVue™.

Participation Requirements*

  • Female, 18 years or older
  • Weight less than 350lbs
  • Not pregnant or lactating
  • No current breast cancer symptoms
  • Due for annual screening mammogram
  • Dense breasts (BIRADS density composition c or d) at time of enrollment
  • Willing to undergo 2D & 3D mammography, as well as SoftVue™
  • Willing to complete the next annual mammogram 12 months after enrollment
  • Willing to follow doctor's recommendations for diagnostic procedures if any abnormalities are detected

*Additional criteria may need to be evaluated by the Principal Investigator

Are you interested in SoftVue™?

Find out if you’re eligible to participate in the SoftVue™ project which will help to determine if more cancers are found by adding SoftVue™ to your yearly mammography screening. Participants must meet all requirements.

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