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Unique Breast Ultrasound

SoftVue™ is a unique breast ultrasound system that is designed to help doctors see through dense breast tissue. It uses sound waves that circle 360° around the whole breast, creating 3D images from the nipple to the back of the breast. SoftVue™ uses a circular imaging ring that surrounds the breast while it is immersed in warm water. Sound waves move around the ring, creating an image of the breast that allows doctors to measure tissue differences, which may signal an abnormality.

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Relax with SoftVue™

You relax quietly on your stomach, with one breast immersed in warm water. A soft gel disk touches the nipple area under the water to center and support it, while the imaging ring is raised to make gentle contact with the area of the chest surrounding the breast.

After both breasts have been scanned, the radiologist physician reviews the SoftVue™ images to determine if any areas need further testing.

Without the concern of radiation or pain

One of every two women who are recommended to have annual mammography screenings don't get them every year, often because they fear pain and are concerned about radiation.

SoftVue™ was invented to address these problems. The exam is comfortable with no compression and no radiation. It operates with the same kind of harmless sound waves used for pregnant women to image their babies before birth.

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Are you interested in SoftVue™?

Find out if you’re eligible to participate in the SoftVue™ project which will help to determine if more cancers are found by adding SoftVue™ to your yearly mammography screening. Participants must meet all requirements.

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